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Tobacco Body: visual project on the dangers of smoking

Did you know that 70% of people with alcohol addiction also smoke? According to a study by the Emmy Whitehouse Foundation, alcohol consumption increases tobacco consumption by 43%. Alcohol removes prohibitions and the person smokes one cigarette after another. 67% of people who come to us for help and participate in the Color Line alcohol cessation program also suffer from tobacco addiction. We conduct research on anti-smoking education programs. Recently we came across an interesting educational project of colleagues from Finland.

The Finnish Cancer Society, the author of the «Tobacco Body» project, offers users a glimpse of a smoker’s body from head to toe. Moving the line dividing the body of a healthy person and a victim of nicotine, one can visually study the aging process of internal organs and trace the creation of a favorable soil for the development of a disease called cancer.

The Finnish organization has found its own way to puzzle smokers — the new site is made in the best traditions of interactivity and makes anyone think before lighting another cigarette. The user is offered a choice of representatives of both sexes — the analysis is carried out on more than 10 parameters, including cosmetic (skin aging and acne) and basic life-supporting systems.

According to «Tobacco Body», the smoker looks more like a corpse — with yellow nails and teeth, gray skin and ashy hair. Internal organs do not cope with their functions, and a tobacco factory blows from the mouth (according to «Tobacco Body» 20% of relationships fail due to smoking of one of the partners). Smoking also negatively affects reproductive health — this can be seen not only in the pictures, but also clear from the scientific facts that «Tobacco Body» leads to each of their indicators. At the same time, the site refutes popular myths, such as the fact that smoking reduces stress.

On the whole, the project achieves its main goal — to warn and educate, and it does it with all the color appropriate to that, which, however, does not greatly distinguish it from the warnings of the Ministry of Health on cigarette packs. For more clarity, you can attach photographs reflecting the dynamics of the disease, but this is unlikely to stop a hard-core smoker — scary pictures and scientific facts are not enough here.

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