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'Zozhnik' project: how we collected money on the Web

Friends, today we want to share with you the story of our colleagues. We are interested in the question of how to find funds to launch a new project? It is not always possible to obtain funding from the state or private companies. We are actively studying the format of crowdfunding (collecting donations on the Internet). Today we introduce you to the experience of our colleagues from the "Zozhnik" project".

«Zozhnik» project» − blog about a healthy lifestyle. Its articles are devoted to proper nutrition, sports, the description of scientific facts in the field of health, sports and longevity. Blog creators − Maxim and Yulia Kuderov launched a fundraising project to create an infographic video about the basics of a healthy lifestyle and raised more than expected.

The idea was simple. Raise money for the creation of a visual project — an interactive manual in which to summarize all existing knowledge and techniques, the use of which will help a person get quick answers to questions such as putting his body in order or what needs to be changed in his habits in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

At the beginning of February 2014, on the Boomstarter.ru website, they raised 50,650 rubles for this purpose, with an initial goal of 45,000 rubles.

One of the project authors, Maxim Kuderov, shared his thoughts.

− How did you hear about crowdfunding? Why did you decide to use this particular «tool»?

− We were very familiar with the American project kickstarter.com, which became the pioneer of true massive crowdfunding in the United States. When the Russian analogue started working, we in the Animult studio exhibited our pilot project of the Russian analogue of the South Park — the Cheboksary project, but we could not collect the required amount. True, to be honest, we didn’t really count on it, because the topic is new and we didn’t have much to offer for investors.

− What is the purpose of the project for you?

− To convey to the largest possible number of people the basics of a healthy lifestyle: principles of weight loss and weight gain; why not starve; what to eat and what foods to avoid in order to lose weight; how a barbell or running helps in losing weight or gaining mass.

Two sponsors who donated more than 1,500 rubles received 15,000 banner impressions on the zozhnik.ru website, and their names will also be indicated in the credits to the infographic video. All other sponsors also received “gifts” for their contributions.

— Who works with you on the project? Who’s on the team?

− My wife, Julia Kuderova, is working on «Zozhnik». She is a certified trainer and nutritionist in the near future. The cartoon was made by professional animators and designers.

− What are the pros and cons of crowdfunding?

− The advantages are obvious — the ability to raise money for a project and implement something that hardly anyone will give money for. The ability to implement projects that people need, to get feedback from them in rubles. Zozhnik is our charitable project for people in order to drag the maximum number of people into a healthy lifestyle. And the cartoon for which we raised money — feedback.

− Maybe you came across some interesting, unexpected moments in the process of fundraising?

  • It was a huge surprise for us to learn that our project has fans who are ready to give quite substantial funds to help us in our business. This is how we met such wonderful people as Elena Pyatibrat.

− What advice would you give to beginning crowdfunding projects?

Do a project for people or, if you do it for yourself, then offer people something significant in exchange for their investment, something material.

Do you plan to use this «tool» in the future?

Perhaps, if there is something worthwhile to offer.

Do you think there is a future for crowdfunding in Russia?

  • I’m sure there is. Perhaps not in the same volume and quantity as in the same States, but crowdfunding will have some market and volume as a phenomenon. I think that the Russian mentality is hindering the rapid development. We are clearly not the majority of open, giving, helping, creative people. But they are there, and that’s great. All of Russia is based on such people.

Project at Boomstarter

Site Zozhnik.

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