Главная Projects news «I am alive»: fund «Line of Color» launched a media campaign to fight against alcohol addiction

«I am alive»: fund «Line of Color» launched a media campaign to fight against alcohol addiction

I am ailive» – a new media project to help people with alcohol addiction was launched by the Line of Color charitable organization. Within the framework of the project, the creators talk about the way people choose to give up alcohol, rebuild their lives and realize their dreams. The campaign is based on real success stories and failures of participants in the foundation's rehabilitation programs.

“For more than six months, together with volunteers, designers, programmers, we have been working on this project. In a short animated film, we showed how the life of a person who is prone to alcohol addiction is changing” says the initiator and author of the project Inessa Teplichnaya.

The project was created by the Line of Color charitable foundation in cooperation with the IT Volunteer portal. It consists of short stories told by people who have given up alcohol and have undergone a recovery program at the Line of Color Center.

“This is not a fiction. Our heroes are real, and their stories are true and amazing. They lost themselves, loved ones, friends, but the story is not about that. It is about how they returned, rose from the bottom and were able to improve their lives” said project designer, volunteer Anna Chukh.

The project consists of several components: a video with social advertising, has already been published on the network and went viral on the first day and gained 342,000 views; information site with stories of people who have overcome alcoholism; photo exhibition «I am alive», petition.

“We decided to launch a petition demanding the State Duma to toughen the law on the sale of alcoholic beverages. We want alcohol to be sold only indoors, like cigarettes, to limit the time of its sale from 12 to 14 pm and completely prohibit the sale on weekends and holidays, as well as to persons under the age of 30” said activist, volunteer Taisiya Antyreeva.

Despite the rather radical proposals, 67,000 people signed the petition on the very first day.

The campaign will also host a series of educational events in the country’s educational institutions. This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. The Color Line training course is designed for high school students. Includes 12 lessons, in which students learn how alcohol affects the human body, how addiction is formed, how the life of a person suffering from alcoholism changes. A separate lesson will be devoted to psychological skills and motivation in the process of quitting alcohol. The program is voluntary.

“We believe that small steps can take you far. Our campaign is such a step. And we are not ready to stop. Too many talented, smart, wonderful people have drowned their lives in a bottle. If we help at least one person, then the campaign has achieved its goal” said Arkhip Temenev, volunteer and activist of the Color of Line Center.


«Line of Color» is a charitable organization that helps people overcome alcohol addiction.

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